Screen Printing Q&A

  • What is the ordering process?
    Pick the items that you want. Choose the quantity and colors for each item Place your order through the website (your credit card will not be charged the full amount. We will only charge a 35% deposit). The balance will be charged after you approve your sample. Immediately after you place your order, you will be sent a questionnaire via email that will ask all the details (logo, thread colors, etc.) that we require to start your order.
  • How do I send you my logo?
    You can send your logo via email to;
  • How are the prices determined?
    What's included; when you order at least 12 pieces per color, style and size, the price listed includes setup charges and the screen-printing. The quantity discount prices are based on the order having the "same" logo/lettering" on all items. The price that is shown, in the grid, next to each product is based on listed amount of colors for one location. The only additional cost is shipping.Quantity Pricing; The more you buy the less you pay! Please follow the pricing that applies to the quantity that you are ordering. The price breaks are 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96, 144, 288, 576, 1008, and 1500. Please call for a quote for larger quantities.
  • Can I mix up the styles and colors?
    Shirts & Tees; Using the same logo design for all the items that you choose, you may combine items, sizes and colors for pricing. WE CAN ONLY USE A MAXIMUM OF (3) COLORS FOR YOUR LOGO ON POLOS & CAPS.We have a minimum of 6 pieces per style, per color, and per size. For example, if you order 24 tee shirts, 24 sport shirts, and the same design is used for all the items, you would follow the 48-piece price break for each item.Caps; because screen-printing requires a special setup and special equipment, headwear must stand-alone for quantity pricing and for minimum quantities. All caps should be ordered in dozens. That is 12 pieces per style, per color, and per size.
  • Can I combine my order with shirts and caps?
    Yes, you may as long as you order the minimum required for either shirts or caps. For example you may order 6 shirts and 12 caps.
  • What if I do not want to order 12-pieces minimum?
    Minimum Quantity; Because of the extensive set-up time and expense required to custom screen-print your logo, we have a 12 piece minimum for screen-printing.
  • Will my logo fit on a shirt?
    Logo position for shirts; we will place your logo on the left chest side of a shirt. You may request that your logo be placed on the opposite right side.Logo size for shirts; For a typical left chest screen-print, the ideal design has a maximum dimension of 3.5" - 4.0". There are exceptions when a design has one dimension that is several times larger than the other. The size of many designs is dictated by the smallest text in the design. We will size your design appropriately based on our experience. Logo position for tees; we will place your logo on the left chest side of the tee shirt. You may request that your logo be placed on the opposite right side. You may also request that your logo be placed front center or back center.Logo size for tees; The maximum size for the front or back of a tee shirt is generally 11" wide by 14" long. The maximum size for a youth size tee shirt is 8.5" wide by 11" long. We will determine the logos actual size based on the artwork used.Small text; The smallest text we can print to remain legible is about 0.25" (6mm) high.
  • Will my logo fit on a cap?
    The maximum height for a headwear design is 2.25" high (less for visors at 1.25" tall by 4.0" wide). The width may be as wide as 4.5" or even more. Depending on the cap style we may be able to make it a little bigger.Small text; The smallest text we can print to remain legible is about 0.25" (6mm) high. Logo position for caps; most logos are centered on the middle front of the cap. We do get several requests for lower left or lower right positioning (closest to the bill). On a finished caps, depending on the style, we can place the logo approximately 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" from the bill. We can screen print on the back of a cap if it is one color and simple text.
  • Can all caps be screen-printed?
    No, not all cap can be printed. We generally prefer to screen-print on 5 panel caps without the seam down the front. The more detailed the design is, the more difficult it will be to print over the front seam. Once we receive your logo, we will notify you if we feel that your logo is too detailed for printing on a cap.
  • Can I change the ink colors
    The price is based on all items you order getting the same color ink. You can change the ink color for a one time fee of $15.00 per change.
  • How do I choose the ink colors for my logo?

    Once you place your order for the merchandise that you have selected, you will immediately be emailed a questionaire. You will then choose your color. Click here to see screenprinting colors.

    Color matching: We will automatically try to match the colors in your artwork or stock logo you have chosen. If you have a pantone PMS color that you would like us to match to, please specify the PMS number you would like.

  • How many colors can I have printed on a cap?
    We have a maximum of a 2 colors depending on the cap style, shirts and tees can have up to 4 colors. This will also depend on the logo.
  • How many colors can I have printed on a tee shirt?
    Tees; For front or back, the maximum is 4 colors.
  • What lettering styles (fonts) can I use?
    You can pick from our selection of screen-printing fonts. If you do not like one from our selection then you can send us the lettering and layout that you would like.
  • Blank sample for review
    We recommend that you order a blank cap sample of the styles you are interested in to make sure that you like the quality, style and fit before placing your custom order.
  • Can I have my order sooner then the average turn around time?
    You may request that your order ship a few days earlier. Because we may be more or less busy at certain times of the year, it may or may not be possible. We will try to accommodate your request if possible.
  • Can I order a "BLANK" sample first to make sure I like the item?
    It may be a good idea to order a few blank caps or shirts that you may be interested in having us embroider for you. This way you are sure that you like that particular item. You can place your order through our other website; . Once you decide on the items you like, we will credit you back 40% of the cost of the samples (up to 3 pieces) and apply the credit towards your custom order. Freight charges are not refunded.
  • Cancellations and Changes?
    Custom screen-printed items: Once an order is placed with a customized logo and then it is changed or cancelled, even if possible is subject to cancellation, screen set up fees and freight charges that apply. If the merchandise has already been decorated, it is not returnable. If we create the sample and email it to you for approval but do not receive a reply or any attempt to contact us within 10 days, you may be subjected to forfeiting your deposit.
  • Do you have a "RUSH" service available?
    Yes, depending on our schedule, we can "RUSH" your order. We charge 50% more per piece to ship within 4 business days after the sample is approved. We charge 25% more per piece to ship within 5 business days after sample is approved. This is from the day we receive your completed order and final artwork. Cutoff time; Completed orders must be submitted by 1PM, Eastern time. Orders received after 1PM will be considered received on the following business day for the purpose of determining the date of shipment. Additional "Express" freight charges may be necessary.If you have an account with UPS or Federal Express, please give us your account number for billing.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    The complete process takes approximately 12 - 15 business days. The sample take 5 to 7 business days. Once the sample is approved we generally ship within 7 to 8 business days.
  • Over runs/Under runs and imperfections
    Every effort will be made to ship exact quantities as ordered, however an over/under run rate of 5% is standard on screen printed orders. This is due to having to make adjustments with logos and equipment for the best print quality.
  • Will I see a sample of my logo screen-printed?
    Yes, once you place your order and give us a 35% deposit. We will take a picture and email it to you at NO CHARGE to get your approval before we print all the merchandise on your order. This generally takes 5 to 7 business days to receive from the day you place your order. Once you place your order we will print out your logo on the cap, tee or shirt. We will take a picture of it and e-mail it to you at NO CHARGE for you to approve. You can requested adjustments if the logo is not made to look like the art you provided. You can also request adjustments if the letter style or ink color is not as ordered. This would be made at no extra charge. If you receive the sample as ordered but still want to make changes, we would charge an edit fee depending on the change needed. If you make changes to the actual logo that you have selected or provided then we do charge edits fees. Any changes you request (size, color, position) will be made and a revised sample will be sent to you via email. If you prefer that we send you the actual sample, there will be an additional charge of $25.00. This includes shipping your sample to you UPS ground service. Your order may be delayed 3 to 5 business days.
    When you order at least 12 pieces per color, style and size, the price listed includes setup charges and the screen-printing.

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