Embroidery Q&A

  • We highly recommend ordering a blank hat/apparel sample before starting a custom order. Once the caps are chosen, they cannot be changed after they are decorated. We suggest ordering a few blank caps or shirts that you may be interested in having us embroider or print for you. We cannot be responsible if product colors are not exactly as shown on the website because dye lots change and material is purchased from various factories. This way you are sure that you like that particular item. You can place your order through our other website; www.capwholesalers.com

  • We have a 36 piece minimum to do 3D. If you have a logo that you want done in 3D, please email us before to see if we can do the logo,"not all logos can be done 3D".  We will quote you the extra cost. Please send your email to; logos@customizedwear.com. Please mention the logo name with 3D on the subject line.

  • We cannot embroider licensed logos unless you hold the license.
  • Please go to our stock logo page and pick a logo that you like; or you can draw a picture of what you are looking for.  Our art department will create art from your drawing.  You will be emailed an order form "after" you place your order for the merchandise that you want decorated. Once you receive the emailed order form, you will be asked the stock logo number that you want.

  • Logo; is an image or design. 

    Lettering; is any lettering that we offer in our "stock lettering"

  • Place your order through the website. Please pick the items that you want and choose the quantity, colors and size for each item. If we have any questions about your requested design, we will call you. Your credit card will only be charged a 40% deposit, the balance will be charged after you approve your sample. You will be emailed a sample within 5 to 10 business days. The complete order will ship (after logo is approved by you) within 5 to 10 business days.

  • If you need your order in hand by a specific date, please call customer service to see if that date can be met 877-984-2277.

  • You can send your logo through email. Please send your logo in either of the following formats; JPG, BITMAP, GIF, TIFF, PDF and Microsoft Word. If you do not have the logo available in any of these formats please contact us for other options.Please send your logo via email to: logos@CustomizedWear.comOnce you order is received we will email you a confirmation.
  • Custom decorated merchandise: The complete process takes approximately 10-15 business days. Once you place your order we will sew your logo on the product that you choose. This takes approximately 5-10 business days. Once you approve your design, your order is scheduled for production and should be completed and ready to ship to you in approximately 5-10 business days. Higher quantity orders may require more time. *Sample times and lead-times may vary based on capacity.

  • What's included: When you order at least 12 pieces the price listed includes digitizing, setup, and embroidery of an average standard size logo of up to 8000 stitches for a logo design. The quantity discount prices are based on the order having the "same" logo/lettering" on all items. For a second location of embroidery, the price includes up to 3000 stitches. The price that is shown, in the grid, next to each product is based on one location of embroidery, see pricing for addition locations. The only additional cost is your shipping expense. 

    Quantity pricing: The more you buy the less you pay! Please follow the pricing that applies to the quantity that you are ordering. All prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Most logos will usually only require up to 8000 stitches. Any stitches over the 8000 will cost an additional $0.54 per each 1000. If by chance your logo requires more than that, we will contact you with the additional cost for you to approve before we start your order.

  • We will send the 1st sample free via email for you to approve. If you have different category styles in your order like eg; beanie, baseball, visors, etc we charge $18.00 per sample for each category. If you prefer we mail it, we change $20.00 for ground shipping for each sample mailed. If you change thread or design and require an addition sample we charge $18.00 for each additional sample emailed or shipped.

  • Shirt & Tees: Using the same logo design for all the items that you choose, you may combine items, sizes and colors for pricing. We have a minimum of 6 pieces per style and per color, and per size. For example, if you order 24 tee shirts, 24 sport shirts, and the same design is used for all of the items, you would follow the 48 pieces price break for each item.

    Caps: Because embroidery on headwear requires a special setup and special equipment, headwear must stand-alone for quantity pricing and for minimum quantities. All cap orders should be ordered in dozens. That's 12 pieces per style, per color, and per size.

  • Yes, you may as long as you order the minimums required for either shirts or caps. For example you may order 6 shirts and 12 caps.
  • Minimum Quantity: Because of the extensive set-up time and expense required to custom embroider your logo; we have a 12 piece minimum for embroidery.
  • Logo position for shirts and tees: We usually will place your logo on the left chest side of a shirt or tee. You may request your logo to be placed on the opposite right side. 

    Logo size: logo designs have a average size of 3.75" wide by 2.25" tall or maximum size of 4.10" wide by 2.25" tall 

    Small Text: The smallest text we can embroider to remain legible is about 0.25" (6mm) high. Usually, a single line of text can only include about 20 characters and spaces before it requires the text to be split into two lines. 

    Logo position for caps: Most logos are centered on the middle front of the cap. We do get several requests for lower left or lower right positioning (closest to the bill). On finished caps, depending on the style, we can place the logo approximately 1 ¼” to 1 ½” from the bill. We can also place small logos on the back and also either side of the cap. 

    Logo size for caps: Front logo designs have a maximum height of 2.25" tall (less for visors). The width may be as wide as 4.5" or more. Back and side logos are generally ½” to 1 ½” tall. The width is generally 3 .5”. Logo sizes are not exact and can vary. We cannot embroider under or on top of the bill, nor can we embroider on the back strap of the cap. Those positions can only be embroidered on the cap panels before they are assembled overseas.

  • Yes, you may change the thread colors twice per order at no charge on a minimum of 72 pieces. For any additional changes there will be a charge of $0.50 per piece.
  • Thread colors: Your embroidery may include up to six (6) different colors at no extra charge. Add $0.10 cents per color per piece for additional colors. Most logos usually have 2 to 4 colors. We will use as many thread colors needed to complete your logo to your satisfaction. 

    Metallic thread: We offer some metallic thread for an additionalcost, please ask your embroidery specialist (varies per logo).

    Color matching: We will automatically try to match the colors in your artwork unless you specify otherwise. If you have a Pantone PMS code color that you would like us to match, please specify the number for us to match it to.

  • See our standard color chart.

    Color Matching: The thread colors shown are just a few of what we offer, we have many more. We will automatically try to match the colors in your artwork unless you specify otherwise. If you have a Pantone© PMS code color that you would like us to match, please specify the number for us to match it to.

  • Click here to see embroidery font samples. The smallest text we can embroider with any accuracy is about 0.25" (6mm) high. Typically, a single line of text can only include about 20 characters and spaces before it requires the text to be split into two lines.

  • Custom decorated orders: Once you place your order we will sew out your logo. We will take a picture of it and e-mail it to you at NO CHARGE for you to approve. Additional samples requested will be $18.00 per sample picture. You will be allowed to change the size, thread color or logo position if we did not follow your instructions. If you make changes to the actual logo that you have selected or provided then we do charge edits fees. Any changes you request (size, color, position) will be made and a revised sample will be sent to you via email. If you prefer that we send you the actual sample, there will be an additional charge of $25.00. This includes shipping your sample to you UPS ground service. We reserve the right to charge the balance due us on a custom order if we do not get a reply from you within 15 business days.

  • Yes! Please email or call us for a quick quote to logos@customizedwear.com or call 877-984-2277.

  • Yes! We have a 24 piece minimum. Please choose a product from the patch section on the homepage, you will be prompted to choose the type of patch you want. Vector art is required, if you do not have that we can create it for $25.00. 

  • The price for the patches are based on a maximum patch size up to 3". We calculate the price by adding length plus width divided by 2. Example 3.5"+ 2.0" =5.5 /2= 2.75". If you would like a larger patch, we will give you a quote.
  • It generally takes 8 to 12 business days after you place your order and the artwork is finalized. You will receive an email with the actual patch sample as well as the patch applied on the cap you ordered.  

  • NO CHARGE! The price includes all set up, digitizing fees & heat sealing application, it does not include sewn on patches. 

  • We urge you to order blank samples of the style caps you like to make sure you really like the color, style and quality.

  • Changes: Unfortunately once the sample is approved and the order is send into production, no changes can be made. Cancellations: Once the sample is approved and the patch is made to your specifications, they are non returnable.
  • The absolute minimum is 24 pieces per style, color and logo.

  • You may split 24/24 of two cap color using the same patch and same cap style.
  • Payment Methods Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Pre-Paid money orders/cashier checks. Company check (Must wait for check to clear.) Credit cards issued outside of the USA are not accepted. No COD’s. Wire transfers for international customers only. This excludes Canadian customers; major credit cards are accepted. .

  • With all the fraudulent activity online, we reserve the right to deny drop shipping an order paid with PayPal or any other credit card. The credit card companies will charge us back and will not stand behind the merchant if an order is drop shipped to a different address other then the registered billing address they have on file. We try our best to verify certain information that is provided by the customer so that we can ship to the requested address.

  • Every effort will be made to ship exact quantities as ordered, however an over/under run rate of 5% is standard on embroidery orders. This is due to having to make adjustments with logos and equipment for the best sewing quality.
  • When sewing on material, it's not like printing on paper and you may not get the fine details to show. Measurements cannot be guaranteed and the size of the logo may vary once we go into production. Also, tiny lettering may need to be enlarged or left off.

  • Custom decorated shirts & caps: Once an order is placed and the style, color and quantities have been selected, their can be no changes. Any changes, even if possible will have restocking, shipping fees and digitizing fees applied.At CustomizedWear.com your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide a stitch out or a sample for your approval before we start production. Once production starts, and the items are decorated, there can be no returns. When merchandise is received if any problems, we must receive back the merchandise within 30 days. We will look at the product to determine if returnable or replaceable.
  • Custom embroidered items: Once an order is placed with a customized logo, if changed or cancelled certain restrictions apply. If changes are even possible they are subject to a cancellation fee which includes digitizing, set-up and freight charges that apply. Once you receive your email sample for approval, for $15.00 you can adjust the logo size and thread color. If the directions are not followed correctly for the changes you requested, we will adjust it again at no charge. Any further changes that are requested, you will incur edit fees starting at $45.00 per edit. If we create the sample and email it to you for approval but do not receive a reply or any attempt to contact us within 10 days, you may be subjected to forfeiting your deposit. Orders pending approval longer then 14 days are non refundable. We recommend that you order blank samples for review before placing a custom order because you can not change the cap style once the caps are ordered. If the merchandise has already been decorated, it is not returnable.

  • We're committed to getting your order delivered by your chosen deadline and you have an important role to play in ensuring this happens. If a delay occurs due to lack of customer communication, it may delay your delivery date, or you may have to upgrade your shipping at your cost. While we are committed to meeting your deadlines, we do not control shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.). If an order arrives late because of a carrier related issue, we truly apologize for the inconvenience as it is out of our control, but we will make it up to you by refunding a portion of your rush expense to you if decided by customizedwear.com Management. In the event your decoration isn’t the same as your approved proof, we will do our best to assist you with a reasonable resolution. Since your order is a completely customized product and only useful for you or your organization, all sales are final. All remakes or refund requests are ultimately decided by our management team. In the event your decoration isn’t the same as your approved proof, we will do our best to assist you with a reasonable resolution. Since your order is a completely customized product and only useful for you or your organization, all sales are final. All remakes or refund requests are ultimately decided by our management team. 

         Contact us 877-984-2277 or email us at logos@customizedwear.com