Apparel Size Charts

Determining Your Size and How To Measure For Our Custom Clothing

To get accurate body measurements, use a cloth tape measure, keeping the tape taut but not stretched. Get a friend to help, if possible, measuring your body over properly fitting undergarments while standing erect, without shoes.


Neck: Take a shirt with a collar that fits you well. Lay collar flat and measure from center of collar button to far end of buttonhole. Number of inches = size. Or, measure around middle of neck. Tape should be snug, not tight.

Sleeve: Bend elbow, measure from center of neck in back to elbow and down wrist. Number of inches = size.


Measure around fullest part of chest, keeping tape up under arms and around shoulder blades. Or, lay garment flat; measure from 2" below underarm to other underarm. Double.


Measure around waist, over shirt (not over slacks) at the height you normally wear your slacks. Keep one finger between tape and body. Number of inches = size. Or, lay garment flat, measure across waistband. Double.

Apparel Sizing Chart

Determining your size and how to measure for our custom clothing.

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